Real Estate Myanmar FAQs

A. Not every house (condominium, apartment, Building) on rent is furnished. It also depends on the price paid for the rent.
A. Not every house has internet service. The tenant needs to apply themselves or it is sometimes done by the house owner upon negotiation.
A. In Myanmar, the rent contract is at least one year and the payment of a whole year rent must be paid in lump sum before moving into your rental. The rental fees cannot be paid monthly. Tenants are as also responsible for the brokerage fee which is equal to your one month rent.
A. The tenant is expected to pay for his/her own usage of water,security, maintainment fees and phone bill .
A. You must report yourself as a foreigner renting /living in the township at the local city hall. And your country embassy for your safety.
A. In most cases, you will be allowed to do so if you get permission from the owner first.
A. The tenant will be responsible for restoration cost of the property to previous condition.
A. You will have to inform your decision to the homeowner a month before the rent is expire whether if you decide to renew or null the contract,
A. No need to pay service agency fee again.
A. The house key will be given to you only after you pay a deposit fee plus one year rent. Note: A deposit fee is equal to your one month rent.
A. The house owner will come and check the property, and if the owner is satisfy with the condition of the property, you will simply hand in the house key . and your deposit will be refunded shortly. However, if there is any visible damages to be fixed, the cost will be deducted from your deposit.